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Your Complete Guide To Styling A Home: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring

When it comes to styling your home, keeping it fresh and cosy all year round can feel like a bit of a challenge. What works for the depths of winter will seem a bit too hot and heavy for summer, whilst a breezy and beautiful beach look may calm you during blazing hot summers; but then feel a bit out of place when winter arrives.

Though we may believe it’s too hard to style our home for every season, the reality is it’s actually simpler than you think…

Getting the fundamentals right and adjusting them for the cooler or warmer weather is a fun way to declutter, explore new trends, and experiment with your décor and furnishings.

To help you, we’ve put together a complete guide to styling a home that’s perfect for each season.

Getting the basics right

There are fundamentals to styling your home which everyone can easily follow, and by simply starting with a base you will be able to maintain your style throughout the seasons.

1.     Start by grouping items together in threes

The rule of threes is everywhere – it’s an aesthetically pleasing way to arrange home furnishings. Grouping things in threes – such as pot plants, books, trinkets, pieces of art on the wall, or photos on coffee tables or desks is always a great way to create effortless style in your home.

2.     …or go big

If having knick-knacks and smaller items about your house is not your style, try to go for one big statement or centerpiece in your room. This could be a big feature wall, a prominent art print or poster, or even a piece of furniture like a coffee table or sofa. Make it the focus of attention whenever someone walks into a room – a conversation starter and an essential element of your home’s style.

3.     Show off your personality

Your home needs to feel authentically yours, and this is easy to achieve when you extend your personality and suffuse it into your décor. If you don’t prefer green everywhere, don’t feel compelled to place potted plants in your rooms just because it’s a craze in all the design blogs and home furnishing magazines.

Simply stick to your favourite colours, your preferred way of expressing yourself, and what you want to see in your home. These tips are guides to enhance your own aesthetic and style with minimum cost and effort.


Summer is the universal season for entertainment & fun – and your home should reflect the holiday mood with fresh colours and bold choices.

1.     Prints and patterns

Using prints and patterns that suit your colour scheme is the go for Summer. A fantastic way to add freshness be it through zigzags, natural bark patterns, stone, marble or any other natural textures that create interest and revitalises your space. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start small – think frames, cushions & prints, but if you’re feeling brave, experiment with throws, lamp shades & bed coverings.

2.     Use natural textures and materials

Lending a cool and breezy aesthetic to your home is worth aiming for over summer. Exchanging heavier wool or polyester for natural and breathable materials such as bamboo, wicker, and cotton are perfect for when the mercury rises. Using wicker chairs or even baskets as lampshades are not only stylish but allow for greater airflow. Cotton and bamboo sheets, throw rugs, and pillowcases are also ideal for keeping cool. Experiment with fresh and bold colours on your pillows and have them accentuate your neutral linen. Using these natural materials help keep things light and airy both aesthetically & practically.

3.     Extend your indoors, outdoors

Summer is the time for entertainment and styling your inside to seamlessly translate to your outdoor is a perfect way to create a unified look and extend your possibilities for entertainment. Placing chairs and seats near entrances to the backyard or balcony helps to create a larger space for people to congregate and celebrate, extending your living space into an oasis.


As the weather cools down and outings become less frequent, we tend to spend a lot more time at home making it the perfect time to convert it into your place of calm relaxation.

1.     Think fragrances

Autumn is a time when nature sheds the old in order to make way for the leaner months and having a centrepiece incense, candle, diffuser or natural fragrance holder in your kitchen, bedroom, or dining area evokes the scent of autumn. They don’t need to go it alone: they’re great to sit alongside other natural decorations such as wooden bowls, frames & accessories for a complete Autumn look.

2.     Earthy tones

Mix up your kitchenware and bathroom ware with terracotta or earthen-style pots, plates, bowls & towels. This will leverage the earthy tones of the season whilst adding a touch of warmth as the cold sets in. For an added spark, a touch of bronze or copper décor also works a treat!

3.     Practical Décor

Stacking books around your lounge, bedroom, and kitchen are not only handy to encourage you to tackle your reading list as we start to spend more time indoors, but also serves great as no-fuss décor. Stacked in threes, coffee table books or folio size cookbooks can be used to elevate centrepieces such as candles, coasters, frames or small pot plants.


As Winter sets in and we snuggle up to keep warm, these easy-cosy tips will transform your home into the perfect Winter hideaway.

1.     Layers

When we rug up, it makes sense to give our house the same treatment! We want to save money on heating and we also want our homes to look gorgeous. Layering rugs on top of carpets made from wool knits, felts, and twill can infuse a sense of warmth throughout the house, especially in your living or lounge area. If you’re unsure how to start, start small – all it takes is a few layered cushions, then experiment with throw rugs on the sofa or layering a knitted blanket over a doona.

2.     Deep tones

Though we may have our favourite colours, deep, darker tones paired with neutral shades are better suited to the dimmer light winter brings with it. It creates a more intimate feel to a room, embracing the natural beauty of winter instead of fighting against it with bright and brash colours. Our top tone & texture pair is a Deep Forest Green velvet!

3.     Light it up

The sun goes down earlier in winter and we’re going to be turning on our lights earlier. Incorporating your lamps as a part of room style is an easy way to update your décor for the season whether it’s in the bedroom, lounge, or even the bathroom. Metallic-finish lamps are great for creating an industrial style, while ceramic lamps are better for a more rustic or old-school style. Use lamps around the house to enhance the look of your deeper tones.


Spring is the time to clean, revitalise, and revamp your home to blossom for the season.

1.     A touch of greenery

Spruce up your potted plants with new vases that accentuates your kitchen or bathroom. A little philodendron or succulent on shelves lend your spaces a pop of colour and life – and you’ll be surprised how well indoor plants can actually grow! Our pick – Zanzibars, effortlessly easy to care for and are simply beautiful!

2.     Rearrange furniture

A change is as good as a holiday and the best way you can refresh your space without spending a single dollar is by rearranging your living areas. This could help open up the room making it seem more spacious and allowing the natural sunlight to take center stage. The formations are endless and it will only cost you a bit of time and hard work.

3.     Let it grow!

Now is the time to start planting your potted plants, getting your outdoor furniture styled, and hanging up fairy lights or other types of ornaments for the summer months. If you’re looking to grow flowers, ferns, or something further afield, get them ready now. Be sure to match your pots and planters with your internal décor for a unified look so by the time Summer comes around, you’ll have a whole outdoor area in bloom.

With all the inspiration to get started on styling your home, drop into Alexandria Homemaker Centre and explore our 26 retailers over two floors, offering home furnishings, bedding, homewares, electrical, lighting, floor coverings, blinds, and much, much more.

Find us at 49-59 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria, about six kilometers south of Sydney CBD.

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