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Transform Your Home With Light

Whether you need to brighten a dark room or create a new vibe for your space, there’s a range of lighting products that can do the trick with minimal installation required.


Pendant lighting can help to enhance the overall style of a room. One of the most valuable reasons why pendants are great is because they do not take up floor space. Therefore this makes them the ideal piece of lighting to put over a kitchen sink for washing dishes, dining room table or over a bath vanity where the space is minimal, though the tasks are important and require a fair amount of light.

Most people would feel comfortable with pendant lighting in the main rooms of their home such as the dining room and kitchen. A pendant light can be good in these areas because it makes people feel comfortable due to the soft lighting illuminating a wide area.

At Alexandria Homemaker Centre you can find the perfect pendant lighting for your favourite rooms in your home from our Beacon Lighting store. But if you are in Melbourne, for instance, you can go to our Nunawading Furniture Stores, and buy in the Good Guys in Nunawading.


Chandeliers share similar benefits as pendant lighting, however, they also have the main purpose of making a bold aesthetic statement. In saying this, chandeliers are perfect to be placed in areas where they can be the main feature of areas such as the hallway or above stairs for family and friends to admire when they come to visit.

There is a large selection of chandeliers from Beacon Lighting that you can choose from.


Lamps are a great form of lighting when you need to light up a small or direct area of a room. This could be a desk, bedside table or next to a lounge. Lamps can come in all different shapes, sizes and lighting intensities.

You can find the best lamp to enhance your favourite areas of choice in your home from our stores in Alexandria, Beacon Lightening, Designer Furniture Direct and MyHouse.

Night Lights

Night Lights are very beneficial for your little one’s nursery as it keeps them feeling safe and secure throughout their sleep. At our Baby Kingdom store, you can find a range of night lights of different shapes, sizes and intensities that are perfect for bedtime.

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in making your outdoor space come alive at night time.

The lighting should illuminate a wide area and blend into the atmosphere you have created for your outdoor living space.

There is a range of wall outdoor lights on sale now at Beacon Lighting that is perfect for your outdoor living.

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