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Furniture Shops in Alexandria

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stores available online only

Trading Online

Stores available only online

Alexandria Homemaker Centre is open.

To help you continue to shop with the stores you love, this list shares with you which stores you can purchase

stores that are opened at Alexandria

Stores Open

Stores that are still opened at Alexandria Homemaker Centre

Alexandria Homemaker Centre is open.

To help you find the stores you love,  here are a list of stores that are

stores that are closed due to Covid 19

Stores Temporarily Closed

Stores Temporarily Closed due to Covid 19

Alexandria Homemaker Centre is open, however a few retailers have temporarily closed their doors. Here is a list of retailers who are temporarily closed.

indoor photo of the Alexandria Homemaker Centre


An update from Alexandria Homemaker Centre

Our priority is always to ensure the health and safety of our customers.

As the COVID19 (Coronavirus) situation

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