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Retailer News September

Following on from our email to you about our Spring Campaign, we’re ready to launch next week (WC 2nd September).

The campaign will include:

  • In Centre Major Prize Competition
  • 10 Day Digital Facebook Competition
  • Spring Mid Season Sales support
  • Digital + social media support
  • In centre activities

Here’s everything you need to know and how you can get involved.


Major Prize Competition

Live date: Monday 2nd September – 22nd October 

Win the Bedroom Package

We will be giving our customers a chance to WIN a bedroom package that is valued at $8,521.

To enter customers must:

1. Spend over $100 in your store

2. Fill out an entry form

3. Place it an entry barrel located in-centre

How you can get involved:

1. Encourage customers to enter the competition when they spend in your store.

2. Share the competition on your own digital channels

The competition will run from Monday 2nd September until Monday 21st October.


On Monday 2nd September everyone will receive a pad of entry forms, please keep these at your point of sale and encourage customers who spend $100 + to fill out and place in our entry boxes located in centre.

Special Bedroom Package Competition








If you have any questions regarding this campaign email

Facebook Competition 

Live Date: Monday 2nd September – Thursday 12th September 

We will be kick starting our Spring campaign with a digital Facebook competition. Customers have the chance to WIN a $100 retailer voucher over 10 days. Each day there will be a different game of skill question for customers to answer on our Facebook Page for their chance to win the daily prize.

If you donated a voucher for this prize make sure you keep an eye out and share the post on the day your store is in the competition.

Spring Mid Season Sale Support 

Thank you to those that have shared your Spring Mid Season Sales with us. If you have not yet done so, can you please email us (

We’ll promote these specials on our website, via social media and to our customer VIP Club.

We will be launching Spring Sales in centre on Monday 2 September. This will include new visual merchandising set ups, posters and decals.

In centre launch of Spring Mid Season Sales will be Monday 2 September. The launch will include posters, billboards and main centre door decals.

Spring Catalogue & Bedroom Package Banners Win A Bedroom Package Billboard Spring Catalogue Billboard







Digital Support 

With a new Digital Agency on board, our ‘Always On‘ campaigns are now active.

We’ll also be filming and launching video content before Christmas.

Stay tuned for more…

Whats On In Spring 

Live Date: Monday 2nd September – Sunday 20th October. 

During the spring season we have some activity happening in the centre.

Sweet Treats 

What: Promotional talent handing out Sweets & Sale flyers in Pyjamas

Date: Saturday 7th September 

Time: 10AM – 2PM

Sleeping Mask Decorating for kids

What: The first 100 children can come and make and decorate their own sleeping masks.

Date: Saturday 21st September

Time: 10AM – 2PM

Location: Ground Floor


Bedtime Storytelling

What: Story telling for kids of all ages, from characters from their favorite books

Date: Saturday 5 October  

Time: 10AM – 2PM

Location: Ground Floor 


Sweet Treats 

What: Promotional talent handing out Sweets & Sale flyers in Pyjamas

Date: Saturday 19th October

Time: 10AM – 2PM


Alexandria Homemaker Centre Spring Carnival 

What: Spring fair located in the car park, with rides, food and games

When: Sunday 20th October

Time: 10AM – 3PM


In centre collateral 

You’ll see these posters and collateral around the centre WC 2nd September.

$8,521 Bedroom Package Competition

What's on This Spring Poster


Get on board!

Please support our Spring Campaign. Be sure to let us know if you have any other ideas on working with you – we’d love to hear from you!


Thea Mahony & George Mihailou

Centre Management

Alexandria Homemaker Centre

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