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Pink and Purple Bed

Five Essentials Rules to Update your Kids’ Bedroom Like a Pro

When it comes to styling and updating the kids bedrooms and keeping them in-line with the rest of the home, it can be daunting.

As a parent you are looking to combine style, storage and practicality, compared to your kids wanting a kaleidoscope of colours, toys, and wall art.

5 ways to keep the kids happy as they grow older and keep your flow and design style.

1 Invest in quality furniture

When looking for the essentials, a bed, chest of draws and bedside table think white or neutrals, so they will stand the test of time. Think of how many times you might pass the furniture down to your next child and how long you need it to last.

Choose the style that you could imagine in your lounge room or living room to keep a fabulous décor flow throughout the home.

2 Be clever with colour

You’re lucky colour has changed from the stereotype of pinksPink-Themed Children's Room for girls and blue for boys with pastels becoming popular and giving more flexibility to design. Think purples, yellows, pinks, blues and greens to cover your girl or boy.

Here’s a girls haven with a big pop of colour feature wall. Or pick 2 to 3 pastel colours you like together or their favourite colour complimented with accent shades.

Whatever your kids choose, let them express themselves and be proud of their room when friends come over.

Let them create a haven, have fun and most importantly do it together.

3 A Touch of Typography

Typography has recently taken a huge leap in popularity in recent years and can give a cost effective on trend look.

Messages can be motivational, inspiring, loving and fun. Or make your own with fun fonts, quirky comments, reminder or favourite saying and buy a simple white, silver or gold frame.

Frame Today has a great selection of white frames. Pick up on the colour palette you’ve chosen and hang them up. It’s that simple to make a huge impact.

4 Be organised and make storage easy

It’s an understatement to say kids don’t find it fun to put their toys Toy Storage Shelvesaway, the more out for a play date the better! That is until they leave and your child is faced with the daunting task of putting it all away. Plan ahead and have a dedicated space for toys, books and games.

Baskets are great so they can easily be removed, toys tipped out but also not hard to scoop them all back in quickly. Pop into G&D@Home for ideas.

5 Add the Fun Finishing Touches

This is the super fun part where you can add bright, textured coloured cushions with a throw, bunny and bear on the bed to make it feel cute and cozy.  For the girls think pretty princesses and sparkle and the boys can be superheroes or boats but it’s easy to change our each year as they grow into the next phase.Modern Purple Cushions

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