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5 Quick and Easy Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Are you bored of your home but don’t have the budget, know-how and confidence to do a My House Rules-style transformation? Reality renovation television shows make it look so easy to transform a dilapidated home into a sparkling gem filled with beautiful things, but remember they often have the help of interior designers and a cracker team of tradies. For you, here are some quick and easy affordable tips that will breathe new life into your home.

1. Add style to your nursery plants Beautiful White Flower Bouquet

Fresh flowers in a simple white pot make a considerable impact. The best way is to visit the nursery or Bunnings but cover over the ugly black or brown plastic containers with a plain white or pop of colour planter pot. Depending on your plants and their needs, you could even consider using woven storage units as planters or wire baskets as surprising solutions. 

2. Use a new home fragranceGlasshouse Fragrances Bottles

What is the best way to fill your home with a welcoming fragrance? An oil burner or candle? Diffuser or fragrance discs?

A beautiful new fragrance can add some subtle luxury to your home, and there’s a myriad of scents for you to change depending on your mood. MyHouse’s range includes Kyoto Cyprus with a mix of camellia & lotus and sea salt & saffron and more. 

3. Add mirrors to your homeModern White Room Interior

Mirrors are like magic, they can totally change a room. If positioned in the right spot they can bounce natural light into a room to improve the space and character of your room. An oversized statement mirror gives huge impact with a luxury, grand feel no matter if your style is contemporary or classic.

All you need to do is choose the right frame to suit your style. Visit Shack or James Lane for a selection of well priced, silver and gold framed mirrors of all size. 

4. Frame your prints 

Turn your kids’ art, favourite wrapping paper or photos into masterpieces. Make the time to go through your children’s art or set them down on a quiet Saturday or Sunday afternoon with the colours you want and let them unleash their creativity. Alternatively, there are beautiful wrapping papers and even tea towels to suit your colour scheme that looks fabulous in standard size frames and add your own individuality to your room.

Try Salon-style art walls which are particularly on-trend right now – it’s a way of hanging art on the wall in a complementary cluster. It works best when there are similar colours or textures across the images, whether they’re all black and white images or the frames are all wooden. 

5. Add greenery into your homeRoom Interior Close-Up

Create a little oasis in your home with some indoor plants, whether it’s a snipping from your garden of a wattyl or magnolia or a tropical mini palm. Another option that’s super practical and will add flavour and aroma to your cooking is to also create a mini herb garden on your window sill – both practical and pretty. If you’re not a green thumb, succulents and cacti are really easy to maintain and if all else fails, go faux.

If you like to read more, we have another good post for you: Transform Your Home With Light. And, for more tips and tricks we invite you to sign up to the VIP club in our Homemaker Centre.

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