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5 Steps to Create the Perfect Bed l MyHouse

Here are 5 steps to creating the perfect bed from MyHouse.

1. Set the Base Mattress and Pillow Protectors Catalogue

Keep your mattress and pillows fresh and add an extra layer of cushioning. Discover the MyHouse range of premium protectors with superb dust mite and allergy protection to complete your healthy sleep zone.

2. Lay the Foundations

Enhance your sleep experience and the feel of your mattress with a layer of softness and support by choosing high quality Mattress Toppers and Under blankets from the MyHouse collection.

3. It’s all About the FeelPremium Sheets Catalogue

Add a layer of sheets that feel silky and smooth. Discover different weaves to find the sheets that suit the way you like to sleep. Find out more about how to choose your sheets in the MyHouse Find Your Perfect Sheets Guide.

4. Sleeping Comfort

Finding the perfect quilt is like finding a new best friend. It should provide you with comfort and make you feel relaxed.  When it comes to finding the right quilt for you, ask yourself a few questions that will help you determine your sleeping personality.Quilts Catalogue

Are you a cold sleeper or do you get hot during the night? Do you like to cocoon yourself under a comforting, heavier quilt or do you love the lightweight feeling of premium down? Do you prefer all-natural materials, or would you select hypo-allergenic, high quality synthetic materials?

Whatever your sleeping comfort looks like, the MyHouse collection of all natural and hypo-allergenic premium quilts has been created to cater for your sleeping needs.

5. Sleep Your Way

Discover the difference in firmness and support to find the perfect pillow for you.  Pillows CatalogueConsider your preferred level of support, your favourite sleeping position and material preference. Discover the MyHouse Pillow collection


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