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07 Oct 2015

Colour Trends for Spring

Colour Trends for Spring | Alexandria Homemaker Centre

Are you in the mood to make your rumpus room a bit trendier for spring? Are you just curious on what trends are popular right now that would look great in spring?

Every year there is a release of the hottest colour trends for the year. There are some inspiring colour inspirations for the year of 2015 that would look great for a spring makeover. Here are the top colour trends and combinations for interiors this year that could inspire you for a fresh new look for the warmer weather.

Deep blue ocean water is a hit this year. Think of Santorini homes with that soothing white and deep blue combination. The freshness of these colour combinations are great for welcoming spring in your home. The white and blue pair has been a winning combination for many years, but this year adding a very light pink adds that interest and contrast to make your space pop. Pairing a suede colour deep blue couch with some light pink cushions is a nice way to try this trend. Shack has a version of this look by mixing a neutral couch with a deep blue cushion accented with bright reds to add some pop colour to the look.

Olive colour is on trend and with spring around the corner adding some green indoors helps bring the outdoors in. Deep olive green causes a soothing effect for people just as blue does, which is why it is a nice colour to add to your home if you are looking for a calming affect in your interior. A colour duo on trend right now is pairing olive green colour and vibrant blues for an impactful look. See the right corner of the image that was inspired by mixing shades of olive green with calming blues.

Southern California colours are on trends as well, which is combining pastels with bright colours this is a great look when wanting to freshen your home for spring. It’s a very bright and bold look and energizing in a home. See the image at the left corner for an inspiration on how to create this look.

A look that has taken over the magazines and definitely the hottest colour trend is trading white for grey as neutral. Soft grey allows you to pair your furniture colours in many ways. Soft grey and charcoal have been the duo for this trend that has taken over runways and interior design. If soft grey and charcoal is a little too dark for your personal taste the look can always have a pop of colour added in, just pick your favourite colour to add.

Have fun trying these colour trends in your creation of your rumpus room. Check out Alexandria Homemaker Centre and see their collections of trendy colours in homes this year.

28 Sep 2015

Wicker Furniture for the Outdoors

When you think of outdoor furniture, wicker is regarded as the best material for many reasons. It’s plant origins made of rattan, grasses, thin tree branches and willow make it an ideal furniture choice as sustainable furniture option, which will also endure outdoor weather conditions           

Wicker furniture has been popular since the 1800’s, it has proven to pass the test of time in style, and it has remained popular for many years in front and back yards and even in an indoor space. Wicker furniture is beautiful furniture to look at, because its made from plant origin material that is woven into the braided shape we see, which is what gives wicker furniture such an organic outdoor feel. Because of the material wicker furniture is made of it makes it a very durable outdoor furniture option. All these qualities make wicker furniture a great choice for any space in your home. Are you considering adding wicker furniture to your outdoor setting? Alexandria Homemaker Centre has so many great outdoor furniture stores that have many different colours and styles of wicker furniture. If you like the wicker set from the image, check out Osmen.

If you prefer your wicker pieces to be a neutral color, which most wicker pieces are, but would like to add a pop of colour, colourful outdoor cushions and accessories pair nicely with wicker furniture. Wicker furniture because of its style and material can act like a blank canvas allowing you to have a chance to play with bright colours like cherry red, apple green, orange and bright yellow. Bold Colourful cushions and accents is an easy way to add style and comfort to your wicker furniture set and possibly making it the new favorite lounge area

Colourful cushions and accessories will not only add style to your wicker set, but will make it more comfortable as well, that you just may be tempted to spend more time outdoors. If you want comfortable cushions and accessories as seen in the image, check out Osmen to spruce up your wicker furniture and to add some style to the outdoor area as seen in the image check out Carpet Call for outdoor rugs. Osmen has some gorgeous wicker sets and Carpet Call has some great outdoor rugs that your outdoor space will be well prepared when spring arrives. 

17 Sep 2015

Design Trends for Outdoor Spaces

Design trends are a fountain of inspiration for our living spaces, and there are some fun and unique trends for our outdoor settings this year to inspire us. This year outdoor spaces are shining with ideas that encourage us to spend a little more time outdoors. Here are some of the hottest trends for outdoor spaces right now.

Creative lighting for outdoor spaces is a big trend right now in design. There are some unique lighting ideas like lining the bottom of your furniture with strip lighting for a nighttime glow, or adding LED light plant vases to light a walking path. Lighting in outdoor settings is a fun trend to research. If you are interested in trying the trend, Beacon Lighting has some great options to achieve your favorite trend style for outdoor lighting. Outdoor spaces are transforming into entertaining areas day and night, which is why the right ambiance has become so important.

Another trend is fire pits. Fire pits have become more popular, since people want the option to get some fresh air even when its cold outside, and fire pits solve this issue. Fire pits give the space a very cozy and natural look, while adding the benefit of being able to entertain outside all year long.

Another trend with a healthy twist that is regaining popularity is growing herb gardens, in any outdoor space size. There is nothing like cooking with fresh herbs grown by you, that is as organic as it gets. There are wall gardens now that allow for any sized patio or balcony to be able to grow a garden and it also looks very stylish. If a low maintenance herb garden is what you aim for, try getting an outdoor metal shelf, small various pot sizes in ceramic or clay to plant your herbs, and place each individual pot in one of the shelves. Place the shelf garden on a wall outdoors, making it a very low maintenance wall garden, which is in style as well. Wall gardens combine nature and man-made materials giving it a unique and nature friendly look.  Nature has taken over in design in a great way, raw materials for seats and decorating outdoors has become popular, giving it a rustic and modern look and perfect for the outdoors. It’s the beauty of creating a seamless mix between nature and man.

These trends lean towards blending outdoor living with nature, helping make your outdoor space into your little at home get away. Trends are motivating ideas that we can try in our own home and if you liked any of these trends head over to Alexandria Homemaker Centre to see their creative inventory.

08 Sep 2015

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-Purpose furniture is a trend that has been gaining traction for a few years now, and it is definitely here to stay.

The beginning of how multi-purpose furniture began is quite interesting. It began to get traction from minimalistic design, which is a design that as the title states is to maintain your space with as minimal furniture as possible. But as rising cost in homes rise, ideas like tiny house have begun to become movements.

Tiny house is a movement where small homes have been creatively built, for those who want to downsize from their big home and lower their bills.  Tiny homes includes every necessity a big home offers, like a place to sleep, kitchen, lounge area, even a small study for your whole family, but with out the square footage. Multi-purpose furnisher is what tiny homes has done for homeowners, which is creating unique designs to get everything you need from a smaller item, with out losing room to move.

The trend of multi-purpose furniture will stay because more and more people opt to downsize by living in smaller homes or apartment living due to schedules becoming more hectic, city living costs, and people are enjoying the low maintenance of smaller homes and apartment living. With smaller homes and apartment living there is less space and therefore having furniture that can add usefulness by being multi-purpose, becomes more valuable and needed.  This allows us to be comfortable in the space, but also leaving space to be able to add other features to our space to make it more comfortable and cozy. For example, for a small outdoor patio or balcony we can choose small chairs and side tables to give more room for a small BBQ, and even be able to add a wall garden as well.

Multi-purpose furniture gives us flexibility and the chance to fit all our needs in a small space. The purpose of this type of furniture is to be practical and functional and to utilize the space wisely. There are so many creative multi-purpose furniture options at Alexandria Homemaker Centre, like the multi-purpose table for two and sun bed shown in the image from Osmen. By adding a couple of foot stools that double as chairs to the multi-purpose table for two from Osmen; you now have a four people sitting area that gives you plenty of room to move around and to stylize the area check out My House for some bright coloured vases and jars as seen in the image.

There are so many cool multi-purpose furniture options to start exploring at Alexandria Homemaker Centre. Multi-purpose furniture makes sure that all your outdoor needs are met without losing any valuable space.  

01 Sep 2015

Tips For Keeping Your Outdoor Furniture Looking Better For Longer

Outdoor spaces are our little haven on earth, but keeping it that way can be difficult as not every material is suitable for the outdoors. Investing in the right material for outdoor furniture is vital, since the furniture material gets tested with weather and time. The tougher the material the longer it will remain looking beautiful.

You may wonder what furniture material should I get and what steps can I take to ensure my outdoor style stays looking good for as long as possible; well here are some steps we can take to ensure your outdoor furniture lasts. One of the first steps is to invest in furniture material that is known to last outdoors like metal, cedar, and wicker pieces. These materials are known to last through the fluctuating weather conditions and remain intact, which is all we can ask for in our outdoor furniture. When shopping for outdoor pieces talk to your store consultant and ask the type of material that the furniture is made of, as the material makes all the difference for your outdoor furniture being able to stay as beautiful as the first day you bought it.

Season’s change and so can the colour scheme of your outdoor space to suit the season, which is a great thing if you want your outdoor cushions and rug to last, while adding comfort and colour. To have your outdoor cushions and rugs last buy two sets one for the upcoming spring/summer season and one for winter season. During winter season your spring/summer cushions and rugs can be put in storage adding many years more to the life of your cushions and rugs, while being able to change your style with the seasons. These tips will add years to your outdoor furniture.

When we invest in the right material for the furniture and add removable items to ensure that weather doesn’t hurt those items too much, your outdoor furniture will last much longer. Easy care outdoor furniture is essential for keeping your outdoor space picturesque, no matter what weather hits them. Having two sets of cushions, rugs, and accent pieces one for spring/summer and one for winter will ensure that you keep those cushions, rugs, and accent pieces for twice as long.

If you are shopping for tough and stylish outdoor furniture and like the one in the image, head over to Osmen and check out their many styles and materials. Osmen also has some wonderful wicker pieces, and if you enjoy a pop of colour in your cushions head to My House to see their colourful selection. 

06 Jul 2015

June ReJUNEvenate Sale Catalogue

Time to take advantage of the June savings and renovate your home. Check out a great range of special offers in the Alexandria Homemaker Centre catalogue out now!

26 Jan 2013

Creative Decorating Ideas For Kids' Rooms

Children’s needs and wants may differ, but certain rules for furnishing their rooms endure. For a start, it’s best to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time, so that small changes – such as new bedlinen or a squishy beanbag – can freshen things up. Introducing a sense of style encourages kids to take care of their rooms, while personal touches bring out their creative side.

In our March/April issue, INSIDE OUT magazine offers some fantastic ways to create rooms that are functional, fun and, more importantly, inspiring refuges.

BABY: Start with a mix of gentle tones – rethink the traditional pinks and blues and consider soft greys, purples or soft browns. Then have fun adding sweet decorations that will continue to enchant and relax your child. It’s also crucial to control the light, both day and night, with dimmer lights and blockout blinds.

TODDLER: Trigger the imagination with a room that’s evocative yet tidy, captivating but calming. Minimise the clutter and make sure zones are clearly defined to cater for play and sleep. To inspire creativity, feature hands-on elements such as a personalised height chart or display shelf for treasure.

TWEEN: Nine to 14-year-old tweens are usually preoccupied with high-tech gadgets and accessories; a desk area with good lighting is essential to display their techno trophies. Tweens also love to show off their passions so a large fabric pinboard for them to display artwork, photos and invitations can be inspiring. For downtime, a beanbag or oversized cushions do the trick.


24 Jan 2013

Kitchen makeover: lighter and brighter

With a bit of careful planning and some hard work themselves, the owners of this kitchen managed to lighten, brighten and make better use of their space.

This kitchen renovation cost about $16,000, including all new appliances, and the result is far more user-friendly.


The original kitchen was quite cramped, with narrow benchtops and dated appliances. The owners wanted to make the space more functional, and enable it to flow through to their living area.

On the up side

Lifting items up off your benchtop frees up valuable bench space in a small kitchen.

Your kitchen's sink, fridge and oven should be no more than 7m apart, and should form the shape of a triangle.

When planning a kitchen renovation, work out what is frustrating about your space – such as not enough light, limited bench space and cramped cupboards – then attempt to remedy those problems in your new design.

Floating floorboards are a relatively quick and inexpensive way to update a room. You can install them yourself, and they are easy to maintain.

 A strip of tiles is a good way to add colour to a kitchen and we continued the theme with a teal feature wall in the laundry.

 Clean corner

The laundry nook at the side of the kitchen didn't have any storage space prior to the renovation. Originally, the washer and dryer were mounted on top of one another, with a door concealing them from view. To make the space more practical, the appliances were moved to stand alongside one another, running into the wall, with a benchtop fitted over the top. Handy laundry appliances include the Sunbeam Accura Digital Resilium iron, which automatically switches off if left unattended, and this Pressa ironing board from Ikea – ideal if space is limited.


24 Jan 2013

Time to Colour and Clean Your Home

Need to boost your energy and life? All you have to do is inject a bit of colour to your home!

Every room in the house has a representation and the inclusion of vibrant hues can enrich life within the home and change attitudes according to Feng Shui and colour expert Chris Brazel.

Now is the perfect time to look around your home and make some changes with these great tips.

1. Organise Your Bedroom

Clean the windows, organise the shoes that have been tossed in the cupboard, tidy up the clothes that are lying in piles and let go of the ones that you're holding onto but you know you'll never wear.

2. Be Radical with Colour

Whether it's paint on the walls, a new bedspread or just new pillows on the bed. Pinks and greens are good but if you want change in your life then go for orange.

Add red to your kitchen to give a feeling of confidence and focus and to boost love in the bedroom, add some fuchsia pink or lime green.

3. Don't Go for Latest Fashion

Look for the meaning behind a colour. “If you need confidence and new beginning go for red. If you need to start communication/need more flow in your life go for blue" says Brazel.

4. Clean with Colour

Routine chores can become quite lacklustre. However, if you involve colour that invigorates or promotes happiness, you are sure to refresh your attitude on a particular activity.

Whenever you need a little clarity about life, give the windows a clean with a purple cloth.

5. Clean the Front Door

To draw positive energy into your home, clean the front door because it’s where energy enters - then place a red or green mat down.

Clean the lights too because they are in the ceiling and represent your future.

By Julia Carlisle *source





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