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05 Oct 2017

Bye Bye Old, Hello New

Spring is the season for cleaning and starting fresh and our style expert Carol has a few tips and tricks on renewing your home. Each week Alexandria Homemaker Centre will be sharing some advice from Carol that will help guide you to having your home in tip-top shape for Christmas and of course that all important Summer entertaining!

The first tip – bye bye old, hello new! Carol encourages you to take the time to conduct an audit on your home. Go from room to room and ask yourself – ‘What can be removed? What do I need?’ These simple questions will help removing old items a lot easier. As soon as this is done you will experience the ‘3 R’s’ and have your space feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for a revamp!

The best part of decluttering? You can donate, pass on, resell, upcycle or recycle the old items to make room for the new! When you feel ready to start finding those new statement pieces in your home, Carol stresses the importance of making sure you plan and have a clear direction of the look you are trying to achieve (never start without a list!) so that you can shop confidently. To do this, create a mood board. Next week we’ll share with you some tips on creating your mood board for more efficient (and savvy) shopping. Watch this space!

In the next couple weeks we will share with you Carol’s top 5 SS17 Styling Trends to inspire you and make your shopping trip all that much easier!



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